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We source out diverse and unusual manufacturing discards that are ideal for all kinds of creative projects. To eliminate over-packaging and handling, most materials are stocked in large barrels and sold in bulk.

Our materials are fabulous for :

  • children's arts & crafts
  • card making
  • party decorations
  • costumes
  • assemblage art
  • prop making
  • storage containers
  • jewellery making

Over 100 bins are set up at a child-friendly height encouraging kids to explore, create, and shop for themselves. Choose from three bag sizes.

Bag prices - Small: 7.45 Medium: 11.75 Large: 21.75, plus tax. Artifacts created by the staff and customers are on display to inspire and delight.

Here is a sample list of bulk items to choose from. Note that we collect our stock weekly; items change from time to time.

  • self adhesive vinyl
  • matboard off-cuts
  • cardboard cones/cores
  • plastic sticks
  • film
  • assorted paper shapes
  • metal shapes
  • wallpaper
  • upholstry fabric
  • fabric pieces
  • polar fleece
  • white acrylic "stuffing"
  • clear and coloured acetate
  • paper & card stock
  • leather scrap
  • plastic test tubes (never used)
  • embossing foil
  • foam blocks
  • plastic rings & shapes
  • wrapping paper
  • ceramic tiles
  • honeycomb-shaped netting
  • boxes
  • badges

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